Law of Attraction In Action – Week 8

These last couple of weeks in the MKMMA have really brought everything law-of-attractiontogether and confirmed a lot of what I’ve been thinking. When it comes to visualizing and the Law of Attraction, I think most people are unaware and if they have been exposed to this information, they either don’t believe it or they ‘tried’ it and didn’t manifest a million dollars so they think it doesn’t work for them.

The most common reason people fail to bring this law into operation is Continue reading Law of Attraction In Action – Week 8

Think, Be, Do, Have – Week 2

Be Do HaveAlright, in week 2 we’ve added another exercise to help influence our subconscious mind using two 3 x 5 recipe cards and colored pencils.

I won’t go into the details here, but it’s really cool and different than anything I’ve done in the realm of personal development or mindset.

I’ll give you a clue though… Continue reading Think, Be, Do, Have – Week 2