Procrastination And Your Future Self – Week 22

OgWhy do we procrastinate? For example, I keep putting off writing this post.

Experts say procrastination is a strategy for coping with negative emotions or stress.

Procrastination can be defined as a self-defeating behavior that occurs when present self chooses to delay taking action in favor of the future self doing it later.

When a person is faced with challenging, unfulfilling, or simply boring tasks, it can be easy to feel“stuck”and unable to move forward with a project, a relationship, or with life in general. This feeling is problematic because it can distract one’s attention away from long-term objectives, influence the specious pursuit of short-term gains, and ultimately decrease well-being. (Blunt & Pychyl, 2000; Van Eerde, 2003)
Instead of just writing this post, I would tend to watch training videos online (which I enjoy and gives me my dose of neuro peptides) subconsciously thinking I’ll be smarter and write a better article.

That way I also avoid or lower the chance of getting rejected or judged by my work.

Now in the Master Key Mastermind we practice getting to know our future selves through visualization which helps us form a bond, but it’s not our nature to put off gratification.

Eve-Marie Blouin-Hudonto has recently completed some further research that supports the theory that you can build connection with your future self.



My Procrastination Hack

So, here is what I do to overcome procrastination…

First thing is I just decide to begin. I’ll tell myself I’ll work on the task for 10 minutes and if I still feel uninspired I’ll do something else. This works because often the anticipation of feeling stressed about doing the work is actually worse than actually doing the work.

Then, I chunk down a project into smaller bite sized tasks. For instance,  I may start by coming up with a topic to write on and then I might take a short break.

Now it’s easier to come back to write because I’ve narrowed my focus. Instead of having this broad project I now have a specific task.

Next, I will either start writing or at least get some main ideas down. I’ll work for a set amount of time, usually 60 to 90 minutes, then take another 5-15 minute break.

If I finish in that time I’ll give myself a reward right after so as to link doing something that moves me closer to my goals and vision to something positive.

If I don’t finish I’ll usually skip watching TV or desert as a sort of punishment or sacrifice.

Since I’m done now, I think I’ll eat some pie and my future self thanks me for accomplishing my task even though I didn’t feel like it.

I am master of my moods and captain of my destiny and my destiny is to become the greatest Lifestyle Transformation Coach in the world!

Create A Great Day!

– Toby

Do you have any techniques on how to overcome procrastination?
I’d love to know, leave them in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination And Your Future Self – Week 22”

  1. Podcast:
    Really helps to think of “future self”.
    Eve discusses listening for four weeks in an empathetic way to your own future self. Sound familiar?
    How we look
    How we feel
    Good thing you didn’t procrastinate too long for then I would not have heard this at 5 am on the day after Commencement 🎓
    Thank you

    1. Absolutely Yvette!

      Keep developing empathy for your future self and when you find yourself
      procrastinating on something important remember the phrase “Do it now!”

      Create a great day!

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