Press Release – Join Toby’s Blue Revolution!

Press Release July 15, 2025:

Time Magazine Interviews Toby Hanson

SeaTopia is a floating city off the coast of Costa Rica with political autonomy working towards a Utopian society. The broad parameters of law offered by the freedom of international waters allows for new, innovative ideas and forms of government to be tested and examples set for the rest of the world.

“Wow, This is amazing!” I blurted out as we docked on the 5 square mile floating Time Magoasis known as SeaTopia. I had scored an interview for Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ with its founder, Toby Hanson, but I’d only seen it in pictures.

“Welcome to our little slice of heaven!” Toby says as he walks over to greet me.

“Thank you! I can’t believe this place, it’s like something out of science fiction, it could be called Atlantis 2.0!”

“It’s a start” Toby says humbly. “Would you like a tour?”

“Absolutely!” We get into a futuristic looking electric car. The thing accelerates like a rocket!

“It’s a gift from my friend Elon Musk, who invested $50 million into this place.”

“What are those?” I ask, looking out towards the open ocean at what can only be described as man made ‘trees’ rising up 30 meters above sea-level.

“Those are wild life enhancing structures to improve the surrounding ecosystem. They’re based off oil rig tech and are basically a tree above water and a coral reef below the surface. Since we’re less than a mile off of the mainland we attract all sorts of birds.”

“I’ll bet they make for some good scuba diving.”

“You’re right, let’s continue. Seatopia is made up of 1000’s of floating hexagon platforms that are 150 ft in diameter. They can be moved or rearranged individually or as a “community” of units in many different configurations. Each platform is self sufficient in that it can generate its own power and clean water using solar power and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology or OTEC for short.”

“What is ocean thermal energy conversion?”

“I’m glad you asked… OTEC generates electricity by leveraging the temperature difference between warm surface water and deep cold water by way of a steam turbine, while naturally producing desalinized drinking water.”

“You see, the ocean is the worlds largest solar panel, it collects 80% of the energy the Earth receives from the Sun. That’s enough energy collected in one day to replace 245 billion barrels of oil! It provides clean sustainable energy 24/7 and the excess is sent over to the mainland. OTEC is the single largest global renewable resource. We only need to harness 1/10th of 1% of this resource to power the entire planet.”

“Wow, that’s incredible! What about the mini floating islands surrounding this main structure?” I ask.

“Ahhh, those are custom private islands. They can be made into any shape and are completely self sufficient, although they plug into the OTEC grid via underwater cables while their stationed here. A lot of the original investors in SeaTopia live on them. The owners like the freedom to travel around world without ever leaving home!”

“Soon there will be hundreds of other ‘SeaTopias’ around the planet with their own form of government and residents of one island nation can simply detach and move to another for a change of scenery or a new way of living.”

“I see. So if one floating nation gets too controlling or starts passing stupid laws people can leave and the island will physically shrink.”

“Yep, and they lose out on collecting those tax dollars as well. This way leaders have to compete with each other to attract citizens because people can now vote with their house. This radically changed the way governments operate, such that public servants became something they’ve never been before.”

“What’s that?”

They became servants of the the public!”

“Hahahah, you’re right though!”

“How do the taxes work here?”

“We have a voluntary tax system with a very conservative minimum here.”

“Really, a voluntary tax? Count me in!”

“The minimum tax covers all the essentials and you’d be surprised on how generous the majority of citizens are! People love living here and want to see this place prosper.”