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“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the differences of their habits.” – Og Mandino

today-i-begin-a-new-lifeToday I begin a new life for I am the master of my destiny and today I create a great day!

One year ago made the decision to take control of the circumstances of my life and to do that realized that I must discipline myself with new and good habits and also master my mindset.This is round 2 of the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance.

The Masterkey Mastermind Alliance is a 26 week commitment where I will be taking part of a mindset mastery coaching program this time as a guide!

My first week of the Masterkey Mastermind has been a real challenge with all the DMP’s coming in, but it’s fun reading everyone’s dreams.

My DMP and morning ritual have both evolved over the last six months and I have moved 1200 miles to reconnect with my daughter.


Sticking to a daily routine builds self trust and when I  trust myself I project that I am trustworthy to others.

Reading my definite major purpose also keeps the person I intend to become and my most important goals at the forefront of my mind so my focus is always on where I am going.

Master Key System – Cause & Effect

In the first lesson of the Master Key System we learn about Cause and Effect. For example when you flip the switch (cause) the lights turn on (effect).

“The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause.” -Charles Haanel

The true cause of our experiences in life come from the “world within” and the effects show up in the “world without.”

The world within is what we think about, it’s our brain, the world without is everything outside of our brain.

So when we think, we are using the world within, which is the cause and when we physically do or observe something, that is the effect or the world without.

Create A Great Day,

Toby Hanson

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