About Me

Creating A Better Version Of Myself.

View More: http://thelivephotobooth.pass.us/westin141107I’m embarking on a journey of self awareness. I was granted a scholarship to the Master Key Mastermind Experience.

I missed it last year, so I made sure to get on the waiting list for this year!

It’s a 26 week coaching mastermind focused on self discovery and self reliance. I’m documenting the experience here on my blog.

More About Me

I wake up every morning with a smile because the days just keep getting better. I am passionate about life and enjoy meeting new people and doing the many things that life has to offer.

I live in Denver, CO and I am the oldest of four brothers. I’m also the father of two awesome kids, Austin and his younger sister Jordan.

Travel is at the top of my list of passions, I plan on seeing the world! Having a positive attitude is contagious and that is one thing that I will always strive for on a daily basis.

My time is my most valuable asset, as it is the only thing that I can’t replace. I spend my my time with amazing people, great friends and colleagues who share the pursuit of great experiences.

I am avid student of Human Potential. I believe there is greatness in everyone. As human beings we have an abundance of dormant potential and an amazing ability to overcome obstacles to achieve great things. Once you connect to your higher purpose in life you begin to realize this potential and achieving your goals becomes second nature.

I am a creative person, finding my voice, daring to change the conventional, seeking wisdom and sharing my findings everyday. I love to inspire and mentor others to be, do and have more. Are you living the life of your dreams or just dreaming about the life you could have?

Great Things Are Happening!

This is just the beginning of a new season in my life and I love it!

So many things have changed because I have changed, transformed into a better version of myself… and will continue on this path for life.

I hope you join me in the fall when the opportunity is available to you…

Answer the call to your hero’s journey!